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Let me say a few words about the namesakes. There are three entries of the name Schoeppenhorst in the USA, namely, that is in Warren, Missouri, further three entries of Schappenhorst also in Warren, Missouri, one entry of Stoppenhorst in Holland. Schoppenhörster cannot be found, Schöphörster, a name which according to Professor Udolph was derived from the name Schoppenhorst, can be found eleven times in Germany and four times in the USA.


Wilhelm, born in 1833 (65), innkeeper of the village, father of the son who founded the family branch in the Netherlands and of the son who founded the family branch in Osnabrück. Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm had no father but died in Westerkappeln and is the founding father of the family branch Westerkappeln. If both were one and the same person (like the list of ancestors #65), the problem would be solved. But unfortunately the names are very different! There is still something to do here. Sadly, the contact


The name Schedwood is numerously represented in the USA. It is the English translation of the name Schoppenhorst. I haven’t found out yet whether this name is derived from our name. Through my research I was able to build up new contact to many Ladbergens, for example Mr Apitz, the Protestant church Ladbergen, Wolfgang (320) and Andrea Schoppenhorst, Gerhard and Annette Ehmann, and Heinz and Helga Schoppenhorst (281). In the immediate vicinity Hans-Dieter Schoppenhorst (293) and Sven Schoppenhorst (357) from Osnabrück should be mentioned.


with Lorri Hughes in the USA stopped again. Instead I now have contact to Cathie Schoppenhorst  (316) and above all to Jane Denny (84) who herself skillfully conducts ancestry research and with an incredible engagement contributed to so much information being brought together. For example, between the beginning of December 2005 until February 2006 she sent me more than 30 emails with data. Pastor John Clausing, Oklahoma, USA, always helps when we are at a


The collaboration with Hans Dieter (293) was extremely successful, in next to no time we were able to establish the connection between Ladbergen and Osnabrück. Slightly quizzical he asked me why I write so much and make lists, he only had to reach for the telephone twice. The contact to Wil Schoppenhorst (303) from the Netherlands proved his family’s descent from Ladbergen.

The attempt to establish a connection between Westerkappeln and Ladbergen was not entirely successful. Sven Schoppenhorst made an effort and at first called


 loss and watches out that my entries are correct. Maybe there are other such lasting relationships between Schoppenhorsts on the different continents, goodness knows. I would be interested in this and I hope for many questions, answers, stories, and anecdotes from all over the world. This page is not exhaustive and  it may contain accidental mistakes as I am only an amateur in this field,  memories can be distorted and I have little practice in recognizing


Wilhelm Schoppenhorst, born in 1895, the founding father of the family from Westerkappeln. Though later it was discovered that there are no according entries in the parochial books of Westerkappeln. Later Mr Apitz in collaboration with the sexton department Westerkappeln found a trace: On June 23, 1871 one Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm and one Herman Wilhelm were born in Ladbergen. Herman died in Ladbergen but he had a father: Herman Heinrich



 connections in this trade. But maybe this webpage can bring the bearers of this rare name in the world closer together, especially from the USA and Europe.

Everyone who wants to contribute to this and has a story to tell, whether from the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, or elsewhere in the world, is invited to contact me under



My thanks go to my wife Frau Monika Schoppenhorst ( for her help and patience.


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With the following literature I was able to broaden my knowledge of Ladbergen. Whenever I referred to a book directly I marked it with a number in the text

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