Further Indications of Schoppenhorsts in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany


Currently in Berlin there are 4 individuals who are called or were called Schoppenhorst: On one hand Dr. Martin Schoppenhorst (301) with his wife Monika Ė thatís me. In the phone book there is one Anne Schoppenhorst who, after her divorce, now bears another name. And then there is this story about the two Schoppenhorsts who live in the same city but donít know each other.

For weeks we were phoned by a young man who bought a car from a man called Schoppenhorst in Berlin. He had problems with it because Mr Schoppenhorst didnít deregister his car. He was sure that I was the seller and we werenít able to argue him out of it because in the Berlin phone book there is only one entry for Schoppenhorst. Finally his father, a lawyer, called me with whom I was able to clear up the misunderstanding calmly. For a long


time this Mr Schoppenhorst used to buy in the same computer shop like me. I wanted to know whether he had his roots in Ladbergen, too or whether he is from somewhere else entirely. For a long time the boss of the shop didnít want to give me the telephone number and I could not find it elsewhere as he wasnít in the phone book. In the meantime I managed to convince the boss but now his name had already been struck off the clientís list.

Then a patient told me about one Frau Schoppenhorst that appeared on GŁnter Jauchís TV show. But nobody remembered the first name so that I donít know whether this was someone who I already knew or not.

The picture left is from www.kulturplanung.de