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But there are people with this name in other parts of the world, too. My father recounted that he met a soldier called Schoppenhorst from Wroclaw on the Russian Front in 1943/44. Actually, in the Polish phone book but also in the phone book of Wroclaw there is not entry for the name Schoppenhorst. A classmate from university in Münster knew of a farm of this name close to Lüdenscheid in the Sauerland (region in Western Germany).

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But it could not be found in the phone book. Both Friedrich Saatkamp in his book (1) and Friedrich Ernst Hunsche in his book “Emigrants from the Steinfurt District” (“Auswanderer aus dem Kreis Steinfurt”) (5) write about the residents of the former Tecklenburg/Steinfurt district who emigrated to Brasil and founded a colony called “Teutonia” in the state Rio Grande do Sul. But according to the Brasilian phone book there was no Schoppenhorst among them.


I looked into the phone books of some of the so called countries of emigration but could not find anybody with the name. The countries are: Chile, South Africa, Namibia, Australia, and Argentina.

In the already cited Schoppenhorst Family World Book of 1997 the total number of households with the name Schoppenhorst in the world is estimated at 55, 45 of which

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are in the USA, 10 in Germany. I found 11 households. Thus there are only 124 bearers of the name in the world (estimated), 99 of which live in the USA and 25 in Germany, says the Family World Book. I mistrust these numbers as my research led me to other results.

So far in Germany I found about 32 living individuals with the name. In addition there are

5 Schoppenhorsts in the Netherlands who do not appear in the family register.

In the book a list of states is given in which they searched for the name Schoppenhorst: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Spain, and Italy. But there no Schoppenhorsts were found either.


Thus the only countries individuals with the family name Schoppenhorst are living in are the USA, the Netherlands, and Germany. At the present time I was able to find about 146 individuals, of which 39 individuals in Germany bear the name, 103 in the USA, and 4 individuals in the Netherlands.

(Including individuals who married into the family and excluding women who were born as Schoppenhorst)

However, there are sufficient indicators that at least in the USA not all have been found yet