In the book “Ladbergen” of Friedrich Saatkamp (1) he reports on a spinning-wheel maker Schoppenhorst who commutes as a messenger between the Netherlands and Ladbergen in order to bring mail to the "Hollandgänger" (German migrant workers in the Netherlands) who in this case worked as peat cutters). In the 19th century the population of Ladbergen was poor and the meager soil barely yielded enough. Particularly the hirelings (they occupied a house with a small field on the estate of a big farmer and paid their rent through manual labor) had a hard time during winter. By peat cutting in the Netherlands they supplemented their income. (In Friedrich Schoppenhorst’s (90) chronicle the life of the Hollandgängers was described impressively).



The father of Friedrich Schoppenhorst, born in 1848, Wilhelm Schoppenhorst, born August 8 or 10, 1795 (34), was such a messenger (on the picture on the left with his wife from Ladbergen). Supposedly, he was married to two women. One lived in the Netherlands, the other in Ladbergen. They are supposed to have never found out about each other. That is what my father told me. This Schoppenhorst died in 1876 and was the last in his

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office. My father had searched for Schoppenhorsts in the Netherlands, too, but could not find anyone. But there are some. The members of the Schoppenhorst family living in Deventer could descend from the spinning wheel maker and messenger.


Mr Wil Schoppenhorst (303) wrote me an e-mail and thanked me for the opportunity to find out about where he comes from. His grandfather was Willem Heinrich Schoppenhorst (188) who was born in 1885. By means of the internet Wil and his son Mirko were able to put together a list of their ancestors.

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Heinrich Wilhelm, born on October 18, 1860 (119)**, son of Heinrich Wilhelm, born in 1832 (65), and Friederike Hagen, born on February 14, 1841, both born in Ladbergen, married Wilhelmina Maria van den Berg on October 8, 1884 in Haarlem (Netherlands). The Netherlands branch of the Schoppenhorst family descends from these two.


As beautiful as the story of the Netherlands-messenger and his two wives might be, the Dutchmen do not descend from him. Under www.geocities.com/geonea18000/ you can find a map of the Ijsselmeer region, there are individuals with the name Schoppenhorst living in this region. This is the family of Wil Schoppenhorst and his relatives, writes Wil S. from the Netherlands.

  The picture above is from Wilhelm born 1795 (34) with his wife Elisabeth König. The picture is from 1870. Mr. Apitz found it in the church of Ladbergen

The right picture is Evangel. Ladbergen. of an old postcard


* He is the brother of the train driver Friedrich Wilhelm (126), who changed to Osnabrück