Descendants in Germany


In the year 1993 I found 18 telephone connections registered under the name Schoppenhorst in German phone books. In the so called Schoppenhorst Family World Book (7) 15 entries in phone books are mentioned (Ladbergen 4, Osnabrück/Lotte area 6, Duisburg 1, Hannover 1, Berlin 1, Saarbrücken 1, and Bad Zwesten 1).


In the 2005 phone book for Germany only 13 entries were left with the name Schoppenhorst. I found a cluster of entries in the Münster/Osnabrück area (Ladbergen 6 (2X320) (321) (273) (281) (335), Düren 1 (330), Osnabrück/Lotte 4 (357) (279) (284) (384).) I know about the Schoppenhorsts in Düren, Thomas Hax-Schoppenhorst, and Dorothee Schoppenhorst (330) that they have a connection to Ladbergen (carpentry).


a second entry with the name Anne Schoppenhorst who shared her telephone connection with a gentleman of another name. He, the husband, answered my letter with a telephone call: Anne S. had formerly been married to a Schoppenhorst, remarried in the meantime and abandoned the name. Professional data on Sven Schoppenhorst (357) can be found under



  The picture left "old Village Schoolhouse" is from (1)

The picture above "Mill on the Creek in Ladbergen" is from Hilge, Ladbergen Lessingstr.

Hans Dieter Schoppenhorst, born in 1937 (293), from Osnabrück, wrote to me that through his research he was able to find a connection to Ladbergen: Herman Heinrich Wilhelm, born in 1833 (65) and innkeeper at the village, had two sons with Friederika Hagen, born in 1841. Friedrich Wilhelm, born in 1863 (126), became a train driver with the Reichsbahn (state railway) and settled down in Osnabrück. His daughter is Ira Schoppenhorst (373) from Osnabrück.

Hans Dieter doesn’t know  Willy Schoppenhorst (284), who is also from Osnabrück. But there is a connection between Willy and Sven Schoppenhorst. They both descend from the Schoppenhorst family in Westerkappeln. More on this later. The page reports that he was deployed to Kosovo as a Polizeiobermeister (mid-level police officer) of the police of Münster. At my request whether there is a connection to Ladbergen he wrote my a friendly letter. The family’s story is hidden behind his above mentioned name. He wrote that his family comes from Westerkappeln, a city next to Osnabrück that is more a region of the Schoephörsts. As to the latest state of affairs, according to the opinion of experts, it is nearly certain that the families from Westerkappeln come from Ladbergen, too.


I cannot explain why of the formerly 18 entries only 13 entries are left. One possibility: Many female children are born into the family. Some 

The entry in the Berlin phone book is mine (301), the one in Mainz belongs to my son, Jan Schoppenhorst (360), the one in Zwesten belongs to his mother, my ex-wife Heidi S. (301) not to be mixed up with Heidi Schoppenhorst who is married to Scott Schoppenhorst (339) and who both worked in a national park in Alaska.

There is another Schoppenhorst in Berlin but without a telephone connection, more on this later. Arno Schoppenhorst (332) from Bremen also has a connection to Ladbergen. I learned from my cousin Wolfgang Schoppenhorst (320) that Arno is the son of Heinz and Helga Schoppenhorst who live in Ladbergen at Telgter Damm. When I was a little boy my father and I met Heinz Schoppenhorst (281). Back then I was very surprised that this stranger is called Schoppenhorst, too. My father explained to me that he is distantly related to us.

When I was a student I once celebrated the shooting of a roebuck  with him. Other than that, there actually is no contact between the various Schoppenhorst families in Ladbergen.


Schoppenhorsts might only have mobile phones and therefore cannot be found in the phone books. Probably the name Schoppenhorst in Germany is going downhill.

As far as I can comprehend, in Ladbergen in the last 150 years there only once was a bigger number of children in the family, namely, that is in the family of Friedrich Schoppenhorst (90) who founded the Carpentry Schoppenhorst in 1872. He had six children. But one of them died at the age of two, one died unmarried and young in World War I. A third child fell ill and died before having children itself. One son had four children but all were daughters, whereas one daughter (Christel (241) ) kept our name after the marriage. Dorothee (330), great-granddaughter of Friedrich, born in 1848 (90), and daughter of Christel (273), kept her name after her marriage so that her son Frederik can pass on the name. One son (Arnold) of Friedrich, born in 1848, had three sons, of which one (Hans) stayed unmarried, the other, Hinnerk, married late and had only one son (Wolfgang ) who again had only one daughter.

I received a letter from Helga Schoppenhorst (281), the wife of Heinz, containing a letter with a list of ancestors and a newspaper article about various buildings that belonged to Schoppenhorsts and about the origin of the name.


At Gießen University there was one Diplom-Biologin (graduate biologist) Sabine Schoppenhorst. The page can no longer be accessed properly. It is unclear what she has to do with the Schoppenhorsts in Ladbergen. She cannot be found in the phone book and meanwhile is no longer on the list of employees of the university. This is also the case with one professor Thomas Schoppenhorst but he as well is no longer on the list of employees of Gießen University and is not registered in the phone book.

During one of my queries for the name Schoppenhorst in the Berlin phone book an entry with a completely different name was shown. Via the search engine “Goyellow” under an unknown name I found  

(continued on top right)


Herman Martin, born in 1913 (248), the third son, had three children indeed, thereof two daughters. Me, the son (301), has only brought about a son (283), too.

Heinz Dieter (293) from Osnabrück has a daughter, Ira (373), it is uncertain whether she will keep the name. In November 2006 Sven (357) from Westerkappeln had a daughter. I don’t know anything about the family background in the case of Diana (359) from Lotte.

The Schoppenhorsts from the family branch at Telgter Damm have three children who were born after 1990, two sons and one daughter. In the case of Arno’s (332) son, Enno, it is rather unlikely that he bears our family name as Arno is not married. Herman’s son Jonas (384) is a Schoppenhorst.

In the Netherlands there is Mirko Laurens Guillaume (381) who can see to the continuity of the name.

The situation is considerably better for the Americans, because of the 13 children that were born after 1990, 9 children are sons. Though maybe not all Schoppenhorsts in the USA have been found, yet.

The map and the language statistics are taken from:

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Left map: The big yellow spot represents the Steinfurt district. But in this district Schoppenhorsts can only be found in Ladbergen, Lotte, and Westerkappeln. The appendix on the right is the city of Osnabrück in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen). The somewhat lighter spot is Bad Zwesten and probably the city of Gießen.


Right statistics: The Steinfurt district is located in North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen), therefore you can find the longest pillar here, above that the Schoppenhorsts in the Osnabrück region, Lower Saxony are respresented. Remarkable is the fact that the pillar of Hesse (Hessen) – Heidi Schoppenhorst with our son Jan – is higher than the one representing Osnabrück where more Schoppenhorsts are living. One explanation for this would be that professor Thomas Schoppenhorst and Sabine Schoppenhorst, who both had worked at Gießen University (see above), were counted in here. The map is from the year 2002. We from Berlin are not included as we are not registered in the phone book.