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During later research on the webpage one could learn that 25-year-old Herman Wilhelm Schoppenhorst (29), born on March 4, 1787 in Ladbergen, had married his wife Anna Maria Elisabeth Schröer, born 1786, in Ladbergen on November 4, 1812. (In these years many young couples got married because that way the men could avoid a draft into the French army.) Another research showed that Herman Wilhelm married a Schröer twice, once Anna Maria Elisabeth (see above) and on January 30, 1835 Christine Elisabeth, born April 12, 1802. Herman had nine children with his two wives, five sons: Herman Wilhelm, born September 5, 1813(46) in Ladbergen, Herman Heinrich, born May 16, 1816 (49) in Ladbergen (for a picture of his grave in Holstein, Warren, Missouri, USA, see picture bottom left), Herman Wilhelm Adolf, born May 13, 1823 (57), Ladb., Herman Heinrich, born April 15, 1827 in Ladbergen (59), and Herman Heinrich, born 1840 (74), besides four daughters: Christina Elisabeth, born November 11, 1919 in Ladbergen (53), Christine Elsabein, born November 1, 1828 (62), Marie Elisabeth, born January 10, 1836 (66), and Christina Sophia Elsabein, born September 6, 1837 (69).

Parents and sister let themselves be convinced. It is assumed that Herman Wilhelm, born in 1787, was very robust at this point. Otherwise he would not have went on the journey. But as the proverb says: “You cannot shift an old tree without it dying.” and H. W., born in 1787, could not bear the loss of his homeland for he died one year later. Thus parents and daughter stepped on American shore in 1844, the two brothers had already done so years before (1834 and 1840). Herman Heinrich, born in 1813 (46), had eleven children, of which five were sons, Herman Wilhelm, born in 1816 (49), had eight children, three of which were sons. These eight sons certainly contributed to the name Schoppenhorst spreading fast. Jane Denny (84)  from the USA descends from this line. She says that Herman Wilhelm was married twice at least, if not even three times. It is also remarkable that two sons are supposed to have borne the same name. Jane Denny assumes that the entries in the parish registers of Ladbergen from the time of Herman’s and Anna Maria E.’s birth are not correct. All data about the Schoppenhorsts in Europe and in the USA can be looked up in the list of birth.

But not Herman Wilhelm and his wife (or one of them) were the first Schoppenhorsts in the USA but their sons. To begin with Herman Wilhelm, born in 1813 (46), he emigrated to the USA in 1834, his brother Herman Heinrich, born in 1816 (49), did the same in 1840. Later both returned to Ladbergen, in order to convince their parents and sister to come along with them.



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I received the picture of Herman Heinrich’s tombstone (born in 1816) on the left from Jane Denny