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In the late 80s an American soldier from New Orleans called Schoppenhorst got in touch with the people at Ladbergen. He wanted to learn about the origin of his ancestors. Certainly he could have learned much from my father. But my father was already dead at this point. At that time I had no interest in my family’s story and lived in Berlin. Therefore I referred him to the Schoppenhorst family at Kattenvenner Straße when he got in touch with me. Whether he knew anything about the ancestors who emigrated from Ladbergen to the USA? I don’t think so. He then met members of the Schoppenhorst family at Kattenvenner Straße. I know little about the content of this meeting. He was told that he must descend from another Schoppenhorst family. There would be no relationship with the family at Kettenvenner Straße which according to my research does not necessarily have to be right. But with this it became explicit that there are Schoppenhorsts in the USA.


In 1993 we, my wife Monika and I, picked up my son Jan (360) in the USA where he had spent a year in school in Macon/Georgia and lived with a host family. At a meeting with the congregation of the host parents a parishioner told me that he knows a tax counselor called Schoppenhorst in Ohio.


Helga Schoppenhorst (281) (Ladbergen, Telgter Damm) wrote to me that to her knowledge a couple of brothers of Heinrich Wilhelm Schoppenhorst, born 1856 (112), emigrated to the USA after 1850. With this there were three clues for the existence of Schoppenhorsts in the USA.