Professor Udolph, professor at Leipzig University, deals with the interpretation and the origin of family names and is responsible for a relevant radio show on Radio Eins in Berlin. He gave me the idea to set up this homepage. At the beginning of the year 2005 he dealt with the name Schöphörster. According to his interpretation this name and the name Schoppenhorst have the same meaning and approximately the same local origin, with Schöphörster supposedly deriving from Schoppenhorst.

There is a concentration of the name Schöphörster in the Lübbecke/Minden region, the name Schoppenhorst accumulates in Ladbergen. My father was born there, his ancestors, siblings, aunts and uncles, and their descendants lived and live there. Many other names like Schöpphorst, Stoppenhorst, Schoeppenhorst and the like are supposed to derive from the name Schoppenhorst, too, respectively are supposed to have a common origin.





The left picture “Old School Overbeck” (Schoapstall – old German for “sheep shelter”) and the picture “Old Administrative Building” (middle) are taken from (1),

the right picture “Water Mill” is taken from Hilge, Ladbergen, Lessingstraße (in possession of the author)