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I couldn’t have written the chapter about the ancestors without the selfless help of Jane Denny from Missouri, USA who made available to me the data about the family Schoppenhorst that she had collected over the years without attaching any conditions to it. My special thanks go to Jane Denny.

My Thanks go to following  persons, too


What’s your name? Schoppenhorst! Oh, your ancestors were probably inclined to drinking a glass of wine [Schoppen = glass of wine, pint]. Everyone bearing the name knows this sentence. People assume wine drinkers behind this name, of course from a wine-growing district, who enjoy life and superficially master all problems of life. Probably people from the Rhinelands who strayed into northern Westphalia? But that’s not how it is. Which meaning does the name really have? Where do my ancestors really come from? What did my ancestors think, how did they live, what made them emigrate? Why are there a good deal more Schoppenhorsts in America than in Germany? Why did the “ancestors” write down scarcely anything, so that one could read

about what they experienced in the past.  Actually, why are there so few who bear this name? This webpage tries to answer these and other questions. Everyone who knows something about the name “Schoppenhorst” and the bearers of this family name is invited to contribute to it. Whoever enjoys it can send me an e-mail about the subject “Schoppenhorst” under my e-mail address: martin@schoppenhorst.de that I then will include in this webpage. The number of people with this name is not very high (about 150 people presumably). But they probably all share a common origin in the village Ladbergen located almost exactly midway between Münster and Osnabrück in North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen). (www.Ladbergen.de and www.wikipedia.org/Ladbergen

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